Screen Printing


The first thing that happens is that you design the item of your choice or work with one of our staff to get your design exactly the way you want it printed. You can also create your design on our website using an easy design program. We have added thousands of different images to choose from. It does not matter if you are trying to make something from sports to a lawn care business we have some images for you. We also loaded our website with a lot of different fonts to choose from. You can place your image and font anywhere on the front or back of our template, where it allows you inside the border. We even have an upload your artwork button so that you can submit your own images just in case you can’t find what you were looking for on our website.

After either you or our team design your item we take a look at your artwork to make sure that everything is looking good. From there we move your artwork over to vector making software. We make sure that you are going to have the sharpest and crisp image. We use adobe illustrator for this.

After your artwork is ready, It’s time to burn some screens. Yep, screens are definitely needed in this screen printing process unless we use Screen printed transfers. After your screens are burned it’s time to squeegee your image onto the items selected.

After your image is dried using a conveyor belt and your items are then packaged and shipped. There is a lot that goes into screen printing your image. A lot different than our other t-shirt printing methods.

Team Customization, also known as “custom names and numbers” or “individualization”, is the use of custom cut vinyl to add custom names to any item of your choosing! This process is the industry standard for adding individual names to any team’s t-shirts, sweatshirts, sports jerseys, work uniforms and more!